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Did you know NOVUS can repair windshield damage from tiny dings to cracks 6" long? It's true - in fact, 75% or more of damaged windshields can be repaired using the NOVUS techniques! With windshields becoming more complex and expensive to replace, quality windshield repair is the smart choice. Don't let the high cost of replacement windshields force you into driving with unsafe, cracked glass - call NOVUS today for a no-cost evaluation to find out just how affordable windshield repair can be!

NOVUS Windshield Repair and Replacement pioneered the entire windshield repair industry over 25 years ago. Since then we have grown to include over 2600 NOVUS facilities worldwide and our trained technicians have repaired more than 6,000,000 windshields. By offering comprehensive training, exclusive repair techniques, and a LIFETIME GUARANTEE on repaired windshields, we will continue to lead the industry in customer service and satisfaction. If you need auto glass repaired or replaced, there is only one name to know - NOVUS Windshield Repair and Replacement.

Windshield History - The Evolution of Auto Glass
In The Beginning......

Believe it or not, the very earliest automobiles didn't even have windshields. Indeed, many cars had no roofs by the very nature of their open-air designs. As for protection from the elements, motorists generally made due with some sort of headgear and goggles to protect the eyes. Before long, drivers grew weary of scraping bugs and road debris from their clothes and the auto manufacturers began offering windscreens on their fine cars. This was certainly a step in the right direction towards improving protection to the passengers from flying gravel, mud, rain, and the occasional low-drifting bird. At least in theory..... Glass technology being what it was at the time, the choice of plate glass seemed to offer the best combination of strength and cost-effectiveness. Unfortunately, when broken, plate glass shatters into large, dangerously sharp pieces and that is definitely not a desirable quality for an windshield.

Henry Ford To The Rescue!

Around the mid-1920's, Henry Ford suffered a slight injury from a piece of broken windshield glass. This prompted Ford to develop the laminated safety-glass windshield. Taking advantage of developments in the expanding plastics industry, Ford struck on the idea of making a 'sandwich' of two pieces of glass separated by a layer of polyvinyl butyrate (PVB) plastic. This same technology is still used today, more than 70 years later. What makes this idea perfectly suited for windshield applications is that the plastic inner layer prevents large shards of glass from showering the vehicles occupants. An additional benefit is that the plastic also gives the glass an energy-absorbing cushioning quality that can help keep passengers inside the vehicle in the event of an accident. As a result, modern windshield technology plays an important role in the ongoing pursuit of increased passenger safety.

Not All Auto Glass Is The Same

Tempered glass is another form of safety-glass and is widely used for the side and rear windows in modern vehicles. Rather than being a laminated glass, tempered glass, which is strengthened through the application of heat and pressure, reduces the possibility of flying-glass injury by crumbling into many small 'pebbles' when broken. Unfortunately, the design of tempered glass does not allow for repairs and replacement is the best option for damaged side and rear windows.

NOVUS Knows Best

Repairing a damaged windshield is more than just a cosmetic improvement, it is a step towards guaranteeing the safety of you and your passengers. For questions or concerns that you have about your auto glass, there is only one name to remember - NOVUS Windshield Repair. We pioneered the windshield repair industry and are happy to take the time to help you understand the benefits of windshield repair/replacement.

Repair or Replace - Windshield Repair Explained
What is Windshield Repair?

Essentially, windshield repair is accomplished by injecting a specially-formulated dual-cure resin into the area of damage, allowing the resin time to cure (harden), and then employing a series of polishing and buffing steps to restore visual clarity to the damaged area. This system of steps for repair was pioneered by NOVUS more than 25 years ago and has been used in the repair of over 6,000,000 windshields since then.

Why Repair?

Windshield repair performs several important functions - repair prevents the damage from spreading to the point of having no option but entire replacement, repair helps to restore structural integrity to the windshield, and the visual clarity of the damaged area is improved.

If left unfixed, even the smallest chip or ding will continue to increase in size until the entire windshield is compromised and replacement becomes the only option. What could have been repaired in under an hour with minimal cost now will take hundreds of dollars to replace - what a waste.

By repairing the damaged area, the glass that is displaced from the chip or ding will be replaced with a specially-formulated resin that will duplicate the hardness and strength of glass. This will help to restore the windshield's structural rigidity which is vital for the windshield to provide the level of protection it was intended for.

When a rock or flying debris strikes your windshield, a certain amount of glass is displaced and air works its way into the damaged area. Because air and glass have different densities, your eye registers the difference between the two and, hence, you have a blurred or distorted view through the damaged area. NOVUS uses an optically-matched resin that will duplicate the visual clarity of glass thereby reclaiming the damaged area. Windshield repair will remove the annoying and dangerous visual impairment that chips, dings, and cracks create. This is obviously important for continued safe driving.

After The Repair

Many people are concerned about the safety of repaired glass and the effects of repairing a damaged area - a common question that we are asked is "Will I be able to see the damaged area after the repair is performed?". Unfortunately, it is impossible to give a definitive "yes" or "no" answer to the question as no two repair jobs are ever the same. Additionally, there are variables that will affect the overall success of the repair. Generally speaking, the repaired area will be very close to invisible and will most certainly be less noticeable than if left unrepaired.

It is good to know that NOVUS technicians receive the most comprehensive and thorough training in the industry, use state-of-the-art specialty tools and resins (many designed and built by NOVUS), and have the experience of the pioneer in the windshield repair industry behind them. These are all important factors in achieving a quality repair as the technicians training, skill, and experience will make the difference between a good repair and great repair. Likewise, that training and skill will allow your NOVUS technician to advise you before the repair on what to expect.

Another variable that can affect the outcome of a repair is the amount of time from the original damage to the time of repair - the longer you wait, the greater the chances of unavoidable contamination to the damaged area. After a crack or ding is started, dirt, dust, and other debris can work their way into the damaged area and be virtually impossible to remove. If that occurs, tiny specks of dirt or dust may be visible inside the repaired area - again, this is unavoidable after the fact. The absolute best way to ensure a clean and clear repair is to contact NOVUS as soon as you notice the damage. The sooner it's repaired, the better the chances of a clean and clear repair.

As for the safety of repaired glass, it is important to know that many people will choose to drive with a cracked or chipped windshield rather than to take the time to have it repaired properly. In those instances, repaired glass is obviously far more safe than driving with broken auto glass. When comparing repairing to replacing, aside from a difference in cost, there is virtually no difference between quality-repaired glass and replacement glass. An additional point is that NOVUS repairs your windshield right on the vehicle without breaking the original factory seal around the windshield. This is important as it can be very difficult to regain a seal as tight and leak-free as the original when you replace the entire windshield. Not only can a poor replacement seal result in air and water leaks, it can compromise the ability of the windshield to help contain passengers in the event of an accident.

NOVUS Has The Answers

NOVUS is the leader in an industry that we pioneered over 25 years ago - we have the most comprehensive technician training in the industry, we design and manufacture much of our own state-of-the-art specialty equipment, our ongoing Research and Development leads the industry with innovative techniques and services, and we are relied upon by more insurance companies to complete quality affordable repairs than any other glass-repair company.

You can be assured of receiving solid, honest information from your NOVUS technician - information that will help you make the smart choice when it comes to repairing your damaged windshield. Contact us for a no-obligation consultation to find out your options regarding chipped, cracked, and dinged auto glass. Call today and put the experience of over 6 million repaired windshields to work on your car or truck. You'll be glad you made the NOVUS choice!

Reasons to Repair Damaged Auto Glass

So, your windshield has suffered damage in the form of a crack, ding, or chip - should you replace it or repair it? That is a good question and one that is tough to answer with a simple "yes" or "no".

There are times where replacement is the only choice - if your windshield is damaged to the point of compromising the ability of the windshield to perform safely, then you'll be wise to have replacement glass installed. However, for the majority of "little" accidents that cause minor chipping or cracking of the windshield, it's just not necessary to replace the entire windshield. Repairing damaged glass can net you the same end results as replacing your windshield - visual clarity, restored integrity, and prevention of spreading damage - but with a much lower cost.

In those very common instances, repairing is not only the best choice, it's the smart choice. Why spend more money on replacement glass when you can have the same benefits by having NOVUS perform a quality repair?

Stop by or call NOVUS today for a no-obligation consultation and find out just how easy it is to make the smart choice regarding windshield repair. You'll be glad you did!

9 Reasons to Choose Windshield Repair
  1. Cost-effective - The average repair cost is under $100 while the average for replacement can easily exceed many times that.
  2. Often times repair is "FREE" - Many insurance companies will waive a deductible for windshield repair and cover the cost! (See your insurance agent for details)
  3. Quick - Most repairs can be accomplished in under an hour.
  4. Convenient - NOVUS will come to your home or work to perform the repair saving you from trying to fit a visit to the shop into your day.
  5. Environmentally-friendly - Repair eliminates unnecessary glass replacement which helps reduce landfill waste.
  6. Trouble-free - Because the original factory seal is never compromised, you will enjoy a repaired windshield without annoying air and water leaks. (Assuming they weren't present before the repair)
  7. Smart - Repairing your windshield as soon as you spot a ding, chip, or crack will prevent the damage from spreading. This will save you a costly replacement.
  8. Safety - Rather than living with a damaged windshield, repair will bring you peace of mind knowing that you and your passengers will benefit from the full safety features that your windshield was designed to provide.
  9. Lifetime Guarantee - Your NOVUS repair is fully-warranted. (See your NOVUS technician for details)

Service Area

NOVUS understands that many of us lead very busy lives and that can make it inconvenient to take care of the "little" things in life. To better help you manage your time, NOVUS offers convenient on-site repair/replacement of your damaged windshield. Don't worry if you have a problem finding the time to bring your car to us - we'll come to you!

NOVUS offers on-site service to any of the 6 counties shown on the map. If you would like us to come to your work, home, or other location to repair your auto glass, simply call and schedule an appointment and we'll take care of the rest!